Cutthroat Island
(existe en version US & PAL)

Codes Action Replay
7E09 F428 + 7EFE CA50 = énergie infinie joueur 1
7E1E F709 = vies infinies joueur 1

Codes Game Génie
C92C-47D8       No enemies and bosses are invisible
FD68-34C7 + FD82-370B   Start with 1/2 energy
F268-34C7 + F282-370B   Start with 3/4 energy
50C7-3DD8       1 hit kills almost everything
DFEA-34A1       Start with 1 life
D9EA-34A1       Start with 5 lives
DBEA-34A1       Start with 9 lives
DEEA-34A1       Start with 15 lives
FBEA-34A1       Start with 25 lives
CBC1-3D60       Infinite lives