Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
(existe en version US & PAL)

Codes Action Replay
7E14 8803 = vies infinies
7E17 5x63 = avoir l'arme x avec munitions infinis (x=0:pistolet à flechettes, 2:fulguro poing, 4:lance rocket punch)
7E17 8105 = énergie infinie

Codes Game Génie
C22E-AF9D       Infinite power--some things can still kill you
DFB5-6FA7       Start with 1 life instead of 3
D9B5-6FA7       Start with 5 lives
DBB5-6FA7       Start with 9 lives
FBB5-6FA7       Start with 25 lives
74B5-6FA7       Start with 50 lives
17B5-6FA7       Start with 99 lives
C264-D464       Infinite lives
DF2B-AFBF       Extra life from 1 pizza sliceinstead of 6
D42B-AFBF       Extra life from 2 pizza slices
D72B-AFBF       Extra life from 3 pizza slices
D02B-AFBF       Extra life from 4 pizza slices
D92B-AFBF       Extra life from 5 pizza slices
7427-AF2F + 7429-AD9F   Dart guns have 50 shots
3CB7-6DA4       Infinite ammo