Super Dunk Shot / NCAA Basketball / World League Basketball
(existe en version JAP, US & PAL)

Codes Action Replay
7E17 A6xx = points d'avance

Code Game Génie
FDBB-DDD9       Shot timer starts at 10 sec.instead of 45
4DBB-DDD9       Shot timer starts at 20 sec.
7DBB-DDD9       Shot timer starts at 30 sec.
1DBB-DDD9       Shot timer starts at 60 sec.
BDBB-DDD9       Shot timer starts at 90 sec.
C2B5-DDA9       Infinite time to shoot
C224-6FDF       Infinite timeouts--player 1
C224-676F       Infinite timeouts--player 2
DD34-A767       3-point shots worth 0--both players
DF34-A767       3-point shots worth 1 point
D434-A767       3-point shots worth 2 points
D034-A767       3-point shots worth 4 points
D934-A767       3-point shots worth 5 points
D134-A767       3-point shots worth 6 points
D534-A767       3-point shots worth 7 points
D634-A767       3-point shots worth 8 points
DB34-A767       3-point shots worth 9 points
76BA-A404 + 76B9-6FA7   Player 1 shots worth 1 extra point (2-pt. shots worth 3, 3-pt. shots worth 4)
76B0-64A7 + 76B8-A704   Player 2 shots worth 1 extra point      (2-pt. shots worth 3, 3-pt. shots worth 4)
76BD-0D07       Player 1 free throws worth 2 instead of 1
76BE-DF07       Player 2 free throws worth 2
C265-D4D7       No 5-second violations