Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday
(existe en version US & PAL)

Code Game Génie
DDC6-DFAD       Start with 1 life
D1C6-DFAD       Start with 7 lives
DBC6-DFAD       Start with 10 lives
DFC6-D46D       Start with 1 heart
D4C6-D46D       Start with 2 hearts
D6C6-D46D       Start with 8 hearts
DCC6-D46D       Start with 10 hearts
DD26-D4DB       Don't flash after geting hit
F426-D4DB       Don't flash as long after geting hit
EE26-D4DB       Flash longer after geting hit
C9C3-D708       Invincible
DD6F-6FDE       Cupcakes are worth 0
D46F-6FDE       Cupcakes are worth 2
D96F-6FDE       Cupcakes are worth 5
DC6F-6FDE       Cupcakes are worth 10
DE6F-6FDE       Cupcakes are worth 15