(existe en version US & PAL)

Codes Action Replay
7E16 8C05 = vies infinies
7E16 8E05 = énergie infinie
7E18 xx10 = changer les jouets (xx=73:Traffic Cop, 75:Racing Car, 77:Wind-Up Duck, 79:Spinning Top, 7B:Bowling Ball, 7D:Flying Disk, 7F:Tomato, 81:Water Balloon, 83:Custard Pie, 85:Pie Tin, 89:Toy Chef, 8B:Football Player, 8D:Toy Elephant)

Code Game Génie
C261-3D7B       Infinite lives
DF2D-37AC       Start with 1 life
DB2D-37AC       Start with 9 lives
C2B6-3F5C + C2A4-3F8C   Protection against most hazards
DC85-4D34       Fewer toys gained from floor boxes
1EB5-4D34 + EEB5-440F   More toys gained from floor boxes
7985-4D34 + EEB5-440F   Lots more toys gained from floor boxes
DC69-CF47       Fewer toys gained from carousel
7969-CF47       More toys gained from carousel
1E69-CF47       Lots more toys gained from carousel