The Terminator
(existe en version US & PAL)

Codes Action Replay
7E00 9563 = munitions infinies
7E03 1C05 = vies infinies
7E03 1F08 = énergie infinie
7E14 2210 = commencer avec le hand gun

Code Game Génie
DCAB-A7FC       10 grenades on pick-up
D4AB-A7FC       2 grenades on pick-up
4AA3-0F96       Infinite grenades
C2A5-0D98       Infinite missiles
C28F-042C       Infinite energy--not on car stages
C286-17DD       Infinite lives--not on car stages
EE81-0D9C       Longer invulnerability after being hit
FE81-0D9C       Shorter invulnerability after being hit
DBA2-C4AF       Start with 9 lives
DFA2-C4AF       Start with 1 life
4AA9-04F6       Don't lose grenades on dying
4AA9-0F96       Don't lose missiles on dying
D7A9-0D96       Get rapid fire on dying
D767-CFAD       Start with rapid fire

Code Super Game Mage
627349C6-36 : munitions infinies